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Understanding the LipaSafe dashboard¶

After successfully logging in, you will be presented with the Dashboard. Understanding this dashboard is essential to making the best transaction experience.

The Dashboard

  1. Start a transaction¶ Click here to start at new transaction. Click here to learn how to create a LipaSafe transaction.

  2. Transaction filters¶ Once you have several transactions in different states, you want a way to sort the list without breaking much sweat. Transaction filters to the rescue! You can now sort transactions based on their status(pending / progressing / cancelled / unaccepted) or type (purchase / sale

  3. Navigation bar¶ The navbar provides quick access to major parts of your LipaSafe account. Use it to access your transactions, notifications about your deals and profile.

  4. Take the tour¶ In case you get lost, click this button to take a tour of that page.