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Preparing for a transaction

Before you create a LipaSafe transaction, make sure you have contacted your seller and verbally agreed on the terms of the purchase. Contacting your seller beforehand guarantees they can supply and a bargain can be struck. As always, engage with strangers on the Internet with lots of caution.


Click here to access our quick safety checklist when engaging in a transaction

Creating a transaction

start txn

1. Choose your role in the transaction

Select if you are a buyer or a seller in this transaction. Buyers usually deposit funds into the transaction account.

2. Enter product/service name

Keep this as accurate as possible

3: Purchase value

How much will this product/service cost the buyer? You can include a delivery fee or add it later in the [transaction page]

4. Partner telephone

Enter the mobile number of the person you want to transact with. Depending on what you chose in Step 1, this field can represent a buyer or seller telephone

If your are a Buyer in the transaction, the seller will get an SMS message asking them to accept your transaction.

If your are a Seller in the transaction, the buyer will get an SMS message asking them to deposit funds into the transaction account.

5: Short Description

It is usually a good idea to paste in the links and/or a clear description of the transaction you are undertaking

6: Submit form

Click this button to create the transaction. You will be redirected to the [transaction page]