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How to use Lipasafe

Things you can buy

  1. Online Purchases:

    • Goods: Electronics, clothing, furniture, collectibles, etc.
    • Services: Website development, freelance work, virtual goods, digital accounts etc.
  2. Vehicle Sales:

    • High-value transactions such as buying or selling cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
  3. Business Transactions:

    • Escrow can be used for business deals where large sums of money are involved.
  4. Intellectual Property:

    • Transactions involving patents, rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property.
  5. Digital Goods and Services:

    • Software licenses, online courses, digital products, etc.
  6. Crowdfunding:

    • Some crowdfunding platforms use escrow to manage funds until project milestones are reached.

Where you can use it

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram shops
  • Online classifieds websites (Jiji, Pigiame)
  • In your daily life with people you do not trust

It's important to note that while escrow provides an extra layer of security for online transactions, it doesn't guarantee the quality or condition of the goods or services being exchanged. Buyers should still exercise due diligence when making any online purchase and thoroughly research the reputation of the seller or service provider.

Last updated on 17th December 2023