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What is the Escrow Developer API (EDA)?

The Escrow Developer API is a collection of resources, techniques and endpoints created to help you as a developer integrate secure escrow payment services into your web applications.

Developers can integrate the safety and security of Lipasafe payments into their platform simply. Our approach is similar to integrating other common payment services like adding Stripe or Paypal. We have engineered our API to let you spend more time running your business and less time worrying about processing payments or staying compliant.

What methods are available?

  1. iFrame Integration - embed our payment screen into your product details page easily. Good for online classifieds or e-commerce websites without a payment solution.
  2. REST API access - coming soon

What are the steps to integrate the iFrame?

  1. Set up a vendor account
  2. Embed an escrow payments iframe into your website
  3. All about test accounts
  4. Making a payment
  5. Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)
  6. Complete your KYC process and Go Live